On Sweat It Out, The-Dream said “Call Lil’ Tisha your beautician, cause your hairs’ gonna need fixin’”. While he was talking about a perm and/or weave getting messed up because of bedroom acrobatics the quote is clearly applicable to the events that took place at last night’s Big Freedia show at Coco 66.

Just like last year when Freedia came through and brought a lil slice of bounce heaven to New York, we got a show that made everyone completely loose their minds and devolve into some sort of orgiastic scene that was somewhere between a Caligula house party and a vintage Luke video. To try and describe it is really impossible, just think lots of sweat, incredibly loud bass, tons of ladies and a complete lack of inhibitions and you pretty much get the idea.  If you want to make up for missing this show, Big Freedia is playing tonight with Ninjasonik, Japanther and some other heads. You will not be disappointed, nor will you leave with your haircut game anywhere near being in order.

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