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The video for the first track from Tyler‘s new record Goblin is here, and as expected, it kind of shits on a lot of dudes out right now.  For some reason the super minimal production and video draws vague allusions to the early 90s, think the “Flava In Ya Ear” remix video aesthetic. While that looked like a party in the super duper VIP section in THX 1138 (or maybe Room 101 the mega club), this video is like all things Odd Future –intentionally confrontational and personal at the same time. Dude’s frustrations and romantic dissatisfaction gets channeled through scenarios of torture and murder. Tyler (the rapper) is thematically and technically consistent with the material we’ve heard on Bastard and his guest spots/one off songs over the last year, he’s never at loss for creative ways to convey how much he hates motherfuckers with lines like “this is the revenge of the dicks, thats nine cocks that cock nines”. Tyler (the director) however, shows a ton of growth from “VCR” and “French” (which is astounding considering those videos were pretty fucking intriguing). He manages to keep the video compelling utilizing (essentially) a singe long take, a pretty amazing feat for any director post the creation of MTV. It’s also nice to see the horror elements from the previous videos make a more integrated (and refined?) appearance in this clip, blacked out eyes never cease to be creepy. Remember those alien dudes from the X-Files? No bueno. A lot of bands/rappers/artist come hard out the gate on their first work – whats the old adage, you have your whole life to make your first album – but, then they falter under the weight of expectation come the second outing. If this song is any indication of the quality of the rest of Goblin it looks like Odd Future might be here to stay for a long time.

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