New joint from Juvenile and Mannie Fresh on the straight romance tip. Not the Drake “cry into your sweater”, writing soliloquies on Tumblr young cat romance. Instead this is some straight up over 35 old head love. Juvie shouts out “big fine women”, Mannie talks about his girl having his name tatted on her breast, having kids—all while dudes go in over an Anita Baker sample… It’s beautiful music, totally assured and comfortable in a way that only old playas can be. Put this joint on after “Back Dat Ass Up”, “Slow Motion” and “Rodeo”… shit, Juvie just gave you a guide to relationships from 19 to infinity*.

It’s pretty hard for rappers to age gracefully since the entire medium is pretty much a celebration of being a nineteen year old  dude half cocked on bravado and lust. But remember the immortal words of Cam’ron After 25, a nut is just a nut, bills are in effect. This joint, is one of the ways old cats can stay relevant though—by fully embracing their old dude powers and making jams you could have slow sex too. My homegirl would call this shit Furious Styles Swag© after Laurence Fishburne‘s legendary 35 year old plus macking powers in Boyz N The Hood. You know the type of cat, an older single dude that get’s mad moms in the neighborhood to catch the vapors. Has chicks sending him a plate whenever they have a BBQ. PTA moms acting like schoolgirls during bake sales and shit. Basically that “pretty motherfucker” plus a good fifteen or twenty years of experience (so he doesn’t have to keep saying he’s a pretty motherfucker—because all the women already know).

This is the type of joint Furious Styles would be bumping.

Cop my Quotations From Cash Money book for a discussion about Juvenile’s place amongst famous black wizards.

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JuvenileSweet Love (ft. The Great Man Mannie Fresh) (download)

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if this comes on, it’s clear the pit, so i can do a slow motion pushup on the baddest broads on the dance floor

ol'mancarms added these pithy words on Jan 02 12 at 8:49 PM

” clear the pit, so i can do a slow motion pushup on the baddest broads on the dance floor”. Legendary.

raythedestroyer added these pithy words on Jan 04 12 at 4:07 AM

The Cam quote you mentioned and his “all you need is a bitch and a plan” philosophy in the Dipset + Westwood video are pretty much the most important monologues captured on camera since Tony’s “whatever happened to Gary Cooper – the strong silent type?” speech in episode 1 of The Sopranos.

TM added these pithy words on Jan 04 12 at 5:04 AM

You ain’t even gotta say it, Juelz Santana was there.

raythedestroyer added these pithy words on Jan 04 12 at 5:06 AM

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