Look at this picture, listen to the new Magic Fades song “Obsession”. Get taken away to a different world. A world of erotic, paperback literature they sell at grocery stores. Unsatisfied moms and teen girls exploring their sensuality. Fucking Danielle Steel and Stephenie Meyer doing it big. Real big.

Broads having “girls’ night out parties” that end at the male scrip club, dollar bills falling through the air like fresh snow. Stay chisel. Dudes looking like ’95 Tyson Beckford and Channing Tatum. Gyrations dun, gyrations. Hot tubs, bubbble baths, roses; fruit covered in chocolate. Candle smells. Sensual love affairs and romantic fantasies. Everything ladies be dreaming about. All of that, in this song, wrapped around a gotdamn Brandy and Monica sample. It’s too real.

Magic Fades’ Obsession drops on Mishka Records, January 8th.

Magic Fades – Obsession by Мишка Bloglin

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