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If you saw me the last week or so, or follow me on Twitter or whatever, you know that all I’ve been talking about are the Big Freedia shows that took place all over the city this week. Freedia is the “Queen Diva” of New Orleans bounce, a genre which to the unfamiliar, is a stylistic cousin to Detroit’s GhettoTech, Chicago’s Juke, Baltimore’s Club Music and Miami’s Booty Bass. Lots of call and response, uber fast bass heavy beats, 808 and 909 drum hits, sexually explicit lyrics and… oh yeah, ass shaking.

What sets Freedia apart from other bounce artists is that (s)he’s the most famous of the subgenre of Sissy Bounce. Sissy Bounce being Bounce music from the New Orleans gay scene.  The lyrics are just as explicit as her straight counterparts and the asses shake just as hard, but the sass is turned way the fuck up. If Freedia was the captain of a medium to large yacht, it would be christened the U.S.S Sassy1.  Such sass and energy is what turned Glasslands into a sweaty dungeon of debaucherous dancing on a Tuesday night (pause for alliteration).  It was a testament to the power of Bounce and Freedia‘s performance that she had girls who looked like they just came from a Cure concert on stage, trying their best to demonstrate they indeed, had the “booty that makes the beat go BOOOM!”.

Also, much respect for having the Jazz brass band open up for Freedia at the Saturday show, that was a really classy interlude between the Gucci Mane remixes and Big Freedia “The Dick Eata’”.

Dre Skull’s Sissy Bounce Mix for your twerkin’ practicing at home Download it here. (Right-Click and “Save As”)

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You Already knowwwww!!!

1 Mad points if you pickup that arcane Saturday Night Live reference. R.I.P Phil Hartman.

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[...] to the events that took place at last night’s Big Freedia show at Coco 66. Just like last year when Freedia came through and brought a lil slice of bounce heaven to New York, we got a show that made everyone completely [...]

» BIG FREEDIA @ COCO 66 added these pithy words on May 22 10 at 3:45 PM

thanks so much for that run down…
the reference to the “cure concert” girls…extra nice!
and more importantly, the brass band is “veveritse”…the
reason they were on the bill is cuz they’ve all done the
hard time in new orleans, and we love em for it!

believe me when i say that it’s all one thing down here
mardi gras indians
early jazz pioneers
soul/r&b masters
brass band second liners
bounce rappers
banjo and accordion hobos
eastern european brass blowers…

all the same (to me anyway!)
thanks again,

rusty lazer added these pithy words on Oct 05 09 at 8:36 AM

great set you guys put on. Come through more!

ray added these pithy words on Oct 22 09 at 5:46 PM

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