In this episode of Conversations With Bryanwe discuss fighting felines, the tenets of a cat revolution and the price of knowledge itself.

Ray: that cat is so fat
Bryan: that cat jumps twice its height with ease
Bryan: that cat would make such short work of you
Bryan: you’d be prostrate on the ground with a knife in your back in 2 days
Ray: oh i relish the challenge
Bryan: To Japan!
Ray: long have i searched for a an adversary worthy of my ire
Bryan: i feel like we could convince a  Japanese TV network that it was a viable show concept in 3 sentences
Ray: black man fights fat cat
Ray: 5 words
Bryan: Black Man fights Cat?
Bryan: Which Cat?
Bryan: Maru
Bryan: you’d be holding a fucking huge check within an hour
Ray: bear cant drive car!!!
Bryan: exactly
Bryan: your ass would be on the cover of Japan today
Bryan: holding a comically oversized check for 2 billion Yen
Ray: haha
Bryan: i like to picture as i watch that gif i’ve made
Bryan: that the cat is jumping into a portal
Bryan: then 10 years later
Bryan: after it has fought crime throughout alternate universes
Bryan: it returns to our dimension
Bryan: and no time has passed
Bryan: but it has saved us
Ray: i like to imagine it went to an alternate dimension
Ray: got super smart
Ray: led a cat revolution
Ray: became president
Ray: and at first was a benevolent leader
Bryan: that’s how they get you
Ray: but then became drunk on power and forgot the ideals of the revolution
Ray: abolished naps and free scratching posts
Ray: then there was a coup de tat
Bryan: A cat would never do that
a coup de cat if you enjoy puns
Ray: and just as she was about to die came back out of the box
to return to its previous life?
Ray: yeah
Bryan: either way
Bryan: the cat has done so many things
Bryan: to us, the blink of an eye
Bryan: to the cat, a lifetime of knowledge
Ray: indeed, really makes you think
Bryan: “The labor of two days is that for which you ask two hundred guineas?”
Bryan: “No. I ask it for the knowledge I have gained in the work of a lifetime.”
Bryan: that’s what that cat would say
Bryan: that darn cat
Ray: you have the mind of a poet. ive always said that
Bryan: Whistler said it, i just think it apt to the situation
Ray: well yeah
Bryan: i also intend to say that next time i am queried about my exorbitant freelance costs

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I just read that tag “cat tranny” and dont even feel like I was wrong for it….

Regina added these pithy words on Jan 31 10 at 11:38 PM

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